Movement Makers and Allies Join Millions in Women’s Marches for Justice

Movement Makers and Allies Join Millions in Women’s Marches for Justice

On January 21st, along with the estimated several million others around the world took to the streets of cities across the United States, including: New York, Boise, Seattle, Montpelier, Oakland, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC. Below we’ve shared some of these Movement Makers taking part in these powerful and historic marches. We’ve also shared some of the moments and messages that so beautifully embody what Movement Makers and allies are working towards — a world where all girls and women can live free of violence and thrive.

Be sure to check out the platform of the march and the video of the inspiring Reception and Town Hall event, “Where Do We Go From Here“, organized by National Domestic Workers Alliance, Caring Across Generations, Make It Work, and others that happened after the Washington, DC March.

{Photo credits go to many Movement Makers, faculty, and staff that attended marches}


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