We’re Hiring: Move to End Violence Program Coordinator

We’re Hiring: Move to End Violence Program Coordinator

Note: this job was previously posted with the title “Associate.”

We’re hiring a Program Coordinator for the Move to End Violence team!


The Move to End Violence team at The Raben Group is looking to hire a Program Coordinator! Move to End Violence is an operational program of the NoVo Foundation, dedicated to strengthening and supporting the movement to end violence against all girls and women in the United States, including cis and trans women and those who are gender non-conforming. Through convenings, workshops, virtual resources, and organizational supports, Move to End Violence aims to foster transformational leaders; explore the practices of liberation and equity; build strong, healthy, and sustainable organizations; and support a strong social change-oriented movement.

About the Role

We refer to the Move to End Violence Program Coordinator as the “experience creator” for the program. We highly rely on the relational and execution strengths of the Program Coordinator, who is frequently in direct communication with our key program participants, consultants & faculty, and vendors, while driving projects and planning events.

The Move to End Violence Program Coordinator’s core responsibilities include the following:

  • Plan and manage logistics for convenings, workshops, and meetings
  • Ensure programs are values-based; the strongest candidates will have a demonstrated commitment to racial and gender justice; experience with disability justice, gender justice, language justice, and healing justice are helpful, though not required
  • Provide administrative support to the team, including scheduling meetings, coordinating meeting agendas, notetaking, and compiling expense documentation
  • Provide executive assistance to the Co-Directors, including managing email inboxes & calendars, arranging travel, and submitting expense reports
  • Review reimbursement requests from program participants
  • Send communications through our constituent relationship management software and internal listservs
  • Actively participate in team efforts to deepen our practices of relationship building, learning, and leadership development


As a small team, we practice shared leadership and look to invest in team members’ areas of interest. Opportunities to lead or collaborate on special projects are encouraged, especially to develop new skills or explore different types of projects.

Frequent travel (at least once per month) is very likely. The Program Coordinator will report to the program’s Co-Directors.

About the Team

We are a six-person team working for the NoVo Foundation out of The Raben Group, a progressive public affairs consulting firm. We work with other consultants and experts in the fields of transformative leadership development, organizational development, movement building, liberation from oppression, and building beloved community to implement our program. Move to End Violence participants – known as Movement Makers – are leaders and visionaries working to end violence against all girls and women. We are currently working with our fourth cohort of Movement Makers; the fifth and final cohort will run from 2020 through 2022.

We are a virtual team, and the position may be based anywhere in the United States, with a strong preference for someone on the East Coast. Current team members include Monica Dennis, co-director; Priscilla Hung, co-director; Emily Cavanaugh, director of operations; and Michelle Lambert, director of communications.

About You

We are looking for someone with the following qualifications and characteristics:

  • Strong interpersonal and relationship building skills across race, gender, class, and multiple identities
  • Ability to hold the big picture and pay close attention to detail
  • Enjoys event planning and creating experiences
  • Ready and willing to bring their whole self into this work
  • A willingness to practice and engage with different styles of leadership (e.g. co-leadership, managing up)
  • Committed to creating and participating in a values-driven workspace
  • Eager to embrace an open, learning stance
  • Brings positivity, curiosity, and a warm presence


There is no education or prior work experience requirement. Preference for bilingual or multilingual speakers. We strive to create space for folks who identify with our current cohort of Movement Makers. MEV seeks to center the leadership of women of color and Indigenous women and others who are most impacted by gender-based violence in this country. We are looking for someone who will bring a spirit of collaboration, partnership, experimentation, and play to our team – in service of a powerful purpose.

The Raben Group finds it quite natural to be an Equal Opportunity Employer, living the values of diversity, equity, inclusiveness, and justice in everything we do. We highly value each of our staff member’s unique life experiences and encourage people of all backgrounds to apply.


Salary is competitive. Benefits are generous and will be shared with interviewees.

How to Apply

In our first round of consideration, we invite applicants to share a resume and a response to these short-answer questions (1 page):

  1. What most excites you about this opportunity?
  2. How do you describe your strengths?
  3. We operate a transformative capacity-building program in a movement-building setting. What are 1 or 2 practices or teachings that you bring to your work or way of being?


Please send your application materials as PDFs to employment@movetoendviolence.org with your last name followed by “MEV Coordinator” in the subject line (example: “Boggs MEV Coordinator”). Priority will be given to applications received by December 7, 2018 though we will continue to accept applications through December 19, 2018. We are hoping to make an offer by early to mid-January 2019. No calls please.

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