Why We Need a Movement to End Violence Against Girls and Women

Movement Maker Heidi Lehmann's video reflects on the need for a movement to end violence against girls and women and what it's going to take to achieve this kind of change.

Heidi Lehmann

Heidi has over fifteen years experience in Africa, Asia and the US as an advocate, case worker, and facilitator on programs working to end violence against women and girls. More about Heidi >


Nikki Allman (not verified) replied on May 20, 2013

Thank you, Heidi Lehmann, for all you do to end violence against women. On May 10, 2012 my sister was murdered and burned by her ex-boyfriend. I began a facebook site and soon made a website for a charity my family is making in my sister's name to help spread awareness to domestic violence and how often it leads to murder. This is a cause every person in the world needs to become a part of. Violence must end.

Jodeen Olguin-Tayler (not verified) replied on July 04, 2013

yup. Heidi speaks truth:# We do need all sectors of the social justice movement(s) to come together.# This is a movement about hope. -- I feel a lot of hope because of the work Heidi does, how she does it, and who she brings.#and also, one thing to add: "It is not ok for women to make less money then men, or face barriers to economic stability" #LookingForward   --Thanks Heidi! 

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