Movement Makers

Every two years, Move to End Violence partners with a group of inspired individuals from the thousands of talented leaders working to end violence against all girls and women in the U.S.  Over the course of their work together, these individuals strengthen their capacity in the areas of Transformative Leadership Development, Liberation and Equity, Organizational Development, and Movement Building for Social Change, in order to build power in their communities and the movement. We call them Movement Makers.

Find Movement Makers

Cristy Chung's headshot

Cristy Chung

Cohort 2

Annika Gifford's headshot

Annika Gifford

Cohort 2


Trina Greene Brown's headshot

Trina Greene Brown

Cohort 2

Resonance Network and Parenting for Liberation

Monique Hoeflinger's headshot

Monique Hoeflinger

Cohort 2

Debbie Lee's headshot

Debbie Lee

Cohort 2
Senior Vice President
Futures Without Violence

Andrea Lee's headshot

Andrea Lee

Cohort 2
Former Co-Director
Mujeres Unidas y Activas

Heidi Lehmann's headshot

Heidi Lehmann

Cohort 2

Nicole Matthews's headshot

Nicole Matthews

Cohort 2
Executive Director
Minnesota Indian Women's Sexual Assault Coalition

Kelly Miller's headshot

Kelly Miller

Cohort 2
Executive Director
Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence

Klarissa Oh's headshot

Klarissa Oh

Cohort 2
Education Director
OAASIS, Oregon Abuse Advocates and Survivors in Service

Jodeen Olguin-Tayler's headshot

Jodeen Olguin-Tayler

Cohort 2
Senior Innovation Fellow, Movement Strategy Center / MEV Cohort 2 Movement Maker

Marcia Olivo's headshot

Marcia Olivo

Cohort 2
Gender Justice Coordinator
Miami Workers Center

Eesha Pandit's headshot

Eesha Pandit

Cohort 2
Managing Partner
Center for Advancing Innovative Policy (CAIP)

Sandra Park's headshot

Sandra Park

Cohort 2
Senior Staff Attorney
American Civil Liberties Union, Women's Rights Project

Tony Porter's headshot

Tony Porter

Cohort 2

Archi Pyati's headshot

Archi Pyati

Cohort 2
Director of Public Policy
Tahirih Justice Center

Lovisa Stannow's headshot

Lovisa Stannow

Cohort 2
Executive Director
Just Detention International

Scheherazade Tillet's headshot

Scheherazade Tillet

Cohort 2
Co-founder and Executive Director
A Long Walk Home