The Age of Dignity

The Age of Dignity

Age of DignityI have long been interested in the care economy and how we find value in reproductive work, so I was thrilled to hear that Ai-Jen Poo’s new book, The Age of Dignity, would showcase Caring Across Generations and their vision for a “Caring Majority.” This book does a wonderful job of laying out the facts, providing a clear and concise analysis of the demographic trends in the U.S., and turning what could easily be seen as an impending crisis into an opportunity.

At the heart of this book is a re-imagined way of doing movement building and social change work by examining the multiple and intertwined challenges facing those who need care and those who provide care, and finding solutions that unite them in purpose: a vision of quality, affordable care that recognizes the physical and emotional elements at play for all involved. At times analytic and facts-driven, the authors never lost sight of the love that needs to be at the center of all our conversations about care. This marriage of heart and practicality is refreshing and inspiring.


Emily Napalo Cavanaugh
Emily Napalo Cavanaugh
Director of Operations
Move to End Violence

Emily Napalo Cavanaugh (She, Her, Hers) is the Director of Operations for Move to End Violence. With a background in women’s rights and reproductive health, Emily supports the program’s development, including convening design and materials production, and runs many of the operational aspects of Move to End Violence. Learn More

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