60/40 Stance™: Forward Stance + Transformation

60/40 Stance™: Forward Stance + Transformation

60/40 Stance™ technology brings to life the highly theoretical concepts of individual, organizational, and societal change. Developed by Norma Wong, this practice uses experiential learning (or a mind-body approach) to explore how movements and leaders need to transform to create powerful change.

Watch this interview with Norma Wong as she discusses stance and physical practice.

Forward Stance emphasizes proactive and strategic actions to build successful and sustainable movements. It brings physical and experiential elements to movement building work and provides a way to “get out of our heads.” It is built on the premise that the mind and body are interconnected in ways that allow for physical experience to enhance and shift the ways the mind can understand, absorb, learn, and imagine. 

Why does Move to End Violence Utilize Forward Stance?

We recognize that social justice work can be highly conceptual, but in order to make the changes we seek, we must move beyond thinking about change and move towards embodying change. Through Forward Stance, practitioners learn that change is a state of being; one that consists of moving in time and space. As part of Move to End Violence, Movement Makers also practice a 10-step form of Tai Ji in which we experience moving both individually and collectively.

Caption: Movement Makers practice Tai Ji to experientially learn about rhythm, flexibility, breath, awareness, and core strength.

By developing a physical and conceptual understanding of basic Forward Stance principles (stance, energy, awareness, and rhythm), we can literally shift the way in which we move in the world.

Transformation refers to the broader 60/40 Stance work of individual transformation in service of liberation. By transformation, we don’t mean gathering new beliefs; rather, we mean pushing through our accumulated beliefs to struggle with the truths. Transformation isn’t about adding more; it’s about uncovering your full potential.

Movement Makers focus on both pieces of 60/40 Stance throughout their experience with Move to End Violence.

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