Movement Building Series Week 6: Transformative Strategy

Movement Building Series Week 6: Transformative Strategy

In this final webinar of the Transformative Movement Building Webinar Series, we explore how strategies for transformation are distinct from incremental change strategies. Strategy for transformation happens in leaps and bounds, and from the inside out. Transformative strategy happens through whole systems thinking and whole systems solutions that recognize the interconnections in problems we seek to solve. In this webinar we provide a framework for preparing people for transformation in movement building and discuss how transformative practices relate to strategy.

Key Ideas

  1. Taking the time to build meaningful relationships through shared practices prepares us to venture together into uncharted territories.
  2. Transformative movements reject the values underlying the crises we face, recognizing and nurturing an alternative set of unifying values embedded in the solutions emerging across different movements and communities.
  3. To transform our society, we must transform our movements. To transform our movements we must transform ourselves.


This webinar features movement storytellers Annika Gifford and Aimee Thompson, both long-time advocates of ending gender-based violence, now leaders of Resonance, a movement-building vehicle to end gender violence in the United States that was born out of and is rooted in the experiences, community, and collective commitment of the leadership cohorts of the NoVo Foundation’s Move to End Violence program.

Practice Guide:Story for Transformative Strategy


Story for Transformative Strategy: This guide explores strategy through the practice of story. This guide can be used to help imagine possibilities with a personal challenge or a challenge confronting a group or organization, network, collaborative, or alliance.




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