Move to End Violence is a 10-year initiative designed to strengthen our collective capacity to end violence against girls and women in the United States.

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Zhawenim (Love) and Debwewin (Truth)

By Nicole Matthews | April 21, 2014

Two words that we don’t often think of when we are working to end violence against women and girls are: LOVE, (Zhawenim) and TRUTH, (Debwewin). Some might even question what they have to do with our work, and why we need to have to talk about them. Both of these words are important teachings in my culture and are very important to me. They are also words that are frequently overused and not truly valued.

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On Being Ready for Change: How I Learned How to Build a Movement for Change

By David S. Lee | March 27, 2014

In recent months I have read about sexual assault in military; sexual violence on college campuses; domestic violence tearing apart families, and children trapped in the sex industry. How do we build and strengthen the movement for change to end these harmful and dangerous problems?

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The Last Girl in Frontier Idaho

By Kelly Miller | March 24, 2014

During our journey in India, Ruchira Gupta, founder and director of Apne Aap, a grassroots organization working to end sex trafficking, shared her perspective on our movement to end violence. Ruchira probably had no idea that several of her simple statements would have such profound impact. Among the many moments, Ruchira’s focus on the “last girl” deeply informed and radically transformed our work at the Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence as well as my own vision of leadership.

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Strategic Thinking with Norma Wong

By Lan Nguyen | March 20, 2014

Last week I had the opportunity to participate in the first day of a two-day strategic thinking workshop hosted by Move to End Violence and taught by Norma Wong.

It was an intense day and I felt filled to the brim with information and ideas. Here are the five things that stood out to me from the training:

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Oh, the radical places we will go!

By Kelly Miller | March 13, 2014

“We take young girls to a place more radical than their home,” said Ruchira Gupta, founder and director of Apne Aap, speaking to our cohort with Move to End Violence in Kolkata, a whole new way of seeing the world through truth telling with young people on structural oppressions, power, and privilege. 

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