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On The Move

On The Move creates the space for Move to End Violence to engage allies in an ongoing effort to learn from the past, envision the future, and share strategies for how we will get there together. Guests are encouraged to submit blogs posts.
Lovisa Stannow

We Are Better Now

Every morning, as I walk into Just Detention International’s (JDI) offices, I am greeted by a beautiful, framed piece of art; it  Learn More

Trina Greene Brown

The Time is Now

“He’s too young” I was told as I struggled with deciding how I would share Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy to  Learn More

What We're Reading

What We're Reading

Book review by Emily Napalo Cavanaugh

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Sex Trafficking Victims Usually Can't Escape Prostitution Charges. This Lawyer's Working To...

Important to note that, "The report on violence and safety is the only one in the series for which IWPR did not...

Great interview with one of MEV's new faculty members this cycle. Vini and her team will be leading our...

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