Racial Equity & Liberation Virtual Learning Series

Are you open to integrating liberation and equity into your personal leadership and organizational practices?

Are you open to deepening an intersectional and racial equity approach to your work?

In the Spring of 2017, Move to End Violence faculty Monica Dennis and Rachael Ibrahim hosted a powerful 6-week virtual learning community on Racial Equity and Liberation that explored the following practices. Each week included pre-work and a 60 minute webinar. We are excited to share that In early summer, this series will become available as a self-directed, automated webinar series. Sign up to be notified when this webinar series is available.

In this virtual learning series, we explore the following practices:

Locating Oneself:  We reflect on and practice how to participate fully in conversations on racial equity and liberation, by first spending the time needed to locate oneself before, during, and after the conversation. Storytellers:  Archi Pyati of Tahirih Justice Center and Heidi Lopez.





Expanding Narratives, Moving Beyond Single Stories: We reflect on and practice how single stories are incomplete and potentially damaging understandings of other people. Storytellers: Lorena Estrella of Sadie Nash Leadership and Nicole Matthews of Minnesota Indian Women’s Sexual Assault Coalition.





Choosing Vulnerability: We reflect on and practice vulnerability as a powerful practice that can deepen our relationships and strengthen our resolve with others in the movement. Storytellers: Alexis Flanagan and Lupe Poblano of CompassPoint.





Identifying Systems Power: We reflect on and practice the importance of identifying root causes and contributing factors within power systems of a problem. Storytellers: Lynn Rosenthal and Andrew Sta.Ana of Day One.






Levels of Racism: We reflect on and practice discussing the levels of racism. Storytellers:  Eesha Pandit and Kassandra Frederique of Drug Policy Alliance.






Community Reflection: We reflect on the learnings shared throughout the previous five weeks, exploring what practices you are integrating into your leadership.




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