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Webinar: Research Into Action Guide

This webinar shares what we learned from this research and introduces the Move to End Violence Research Into Action Guide, an easy-to-use guide that highlights the most critical insights from this research and provides recommendations that you can use in your day-to-day work to inspire individuals to take action to end violence against girls and women. This 90-minute webinar walks through the topline findings from the research and share recommendations and real-world examples. Speakers include:

Celinda Lake, president of top polling firm Lake Research Partners
Danielle Lewis, an experienced nonprofit communication strategist
Ilene Stohl, prevention program coordinator for the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Patti Tototzintle, chief executive officer of Casa de Esperanza

  • Maureen Mahoney

    I work with young adults in residential treatment centers for drug and alcohol abuse. 90% of the time that is only one piece of what is ruining their lives. Many have had childhoods of abuse, physical, mental, emotional and sexual. Often they’re labeled with PTSD because of their traumatic life experiences. Recently, a young woman admitted for mental health disorders reported being raped by a family member at age 3; abused by both parents and raped again as a teen. She cuts herself to ease the internal pain.
    We have to help the victims through their trauma and teach them to break the cycle of violence. However I feel it is critical to interrupt the violence, stop it in its wrath and then intervene on a level that the perpetrators can understand and relate to. Dr. Gary Slotkin in Chicago proved this theory works. He and his team have mitigated homicides, gang violence, rapes and other crimes in some of the most dangerous cities in the U.S.

    We have to find creative ways to educate the abusers. One way would be going into prisons and conducting workshops on No Violence. I’m looking for people to collaborate with on how we can intervene. Maybe we need to teach bystander awareness and every member of society intervenes when we witness or even suspect domestic violence, child abuse or any offense that endangers a child, teen, woman or male. I’d like to hear your thoughts. It’s tough doing this kind of work alone; we need to form strong connections and communities to tackle this problem. Fortunately this is a perfect time! Not a day goes by that we don’t hear about sexual assault. It’s at the forefront of our nation’s attention. We have momentum so let’s run with it! Please email me: info@maureenmahoney.com

    Please visit: http://www.MahoneyTribute.org

    Kind regards,

    Maureen Mahoney

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