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November 5, 2013

Fireside Chats: Learning from Other Movement Leaders

Have you watched one of our fireside chats and wondered why we do them? Or, perhaps you participated in our first Virtual Fireside Chat and have wondered how you might put it to use?

Fireside chats are a signature element of Move to End Violence. For the past three years, we have been holding fireside chats with our cohorts of Movement Makers, bringing in some of the most brilliant thinkers of our time in order to build cross- and inter-movement exchanges. These informal discussions are designed to provide a platform for exploring what makes social justice movements succeed. Through dialogue, we hope to provide inspiration and energy to powerful new ideas and innovation, in service of creating real, lasting social change.

While we will continue to host these in-person chats with Movement Makers, we are excited to now be hosting these discussions for a broader audience via a virtual platform. Our hope is that this new medium will expand the audience of individuals and organizations who can benefit from these conversations. We hope that more advocates working to end violence against girls and women will tap into the work of Move to End Violence, and also that others who may consider themselves “outside” the anti-violence movement will also be able to capture and share key insights, in service of building deeper cross-movement connections.

How to Use Virtual Fireside Chats

Our virtual fireside chats are meant to reach new audiences both inside and outside the antiviolence community. Here are several ways you and/or your organization can share in the learning and be inspired to think about new ways of doing your work:

VIEW: Watch the virtual fireside chats; consider hosting a brownbag luncheon with colleagues or staff.

SHARE: Virtual fireside chats are easily shared.  Please consider posting a link to the audio or video on your website or on your Facebook page. Then, let others know of the availability of this video via social media, a mention in your organization’s electronic newsletter, and/or via direct emails to interested individuals and organizations.  

TEACH: Share portions of the audio or video during workshops, teach-ins, presentations or conversations with others. By using the audio or video as a teaching tool and having conversations about different aspects of social justice work, we begin to find new opportunities for collaboration and refreshed ways of advocating with and for women and girls experiencing violence.

TRANSFORM: Host conversations with co-workers about how to reimagine aspects of your work that encourage other ways of leading, organizing and partnering around ending violence against women and girls. Use video and/or audio clips to introduce these conversations.

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