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About Move to End

MEV was a capacity-building and leadership development program for U.S. leaders working to end gender-based violence. During its duration of 10 years, we provided funding, resources, coaching, and other forms of support for cohorts of leaders and convened them to build relationships across communities, to access the spaciousness required for strategic thinking, and to build stronger movements.

Drawing of a heart with images inside it and words behind it. Artwork by Claudia Lopez.

Our vision

A world where all girls and women, including including cis and trans women and those who are gender non-conforming, are safe and respected so everyone can reach their full potential.

Why we existed

Violence against girls and women is fueled by white supremacy, heteropatriarchy, capitalism, and colonialism. Solutions to end gender-based violence must address how these oppressions manifest in our lives, systems, and structures. 

Leaders everywhere agree that mainstream solutions have not gotten us free but instead have further perpetuated violence by excluding the wisdom and experiences of BIPOC and queer and trans leaders, ignoring the harms of state violence, further investing in criminalization, and by relying on traditional leadership strategies that enact trauma, disempower survivors, and prioritize institution building over people. 

Move to End Violence was designed to address leaders’ desires to create sustainable, intersectional movements for social change. Along the way, we integrated racial justice, gender justice, healing justice, language justice, disability justice, and intersectional care and logistics as integral layers of anti-violence that bring us closer to collective liberation.

Photograph of MEV team members together in Puerto Rico.

The Program

Move To End Violence was a 10-year program designed in response to a listening tour of over 350 leaders at the forefront of anti-violence movements in the United States. As a capacity-building program of the NoVo Foundation and operating out of The Raben Group, Move To End Violence worked with groups of 15-20 leaders in two-year cycles, with the ultimate goal of supporting five cohorts and 100 leaders.

I had a dream where a gender and sexuality are free to be lived.


Impact Reports

We are pleased to make publicly available the full set of evaluation reports from the past decade for our collective learning. (All reports are available in English only.)

Our program's
core elements

Organizations we love

MEV is no longer active, but here are some great organizations you can connect with