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April 28, 2017

Transformative Movement Building Webinar Series

Thank you for joining the 6-week Transformative Movement Building Webinar Series developed in partnership with Movement Strategy Center.

This series, developed in partnership with the Movement Strategy Center, is designed to help us all expand our thinking and practice around movement building.

This page will serve as your one-stop resource for the webinar recordings, accompanying slides, and Practice Guides.

What is Transformative Movement Building, Week 1: How do movements transform our systems and structures, and even who we are? With Taj James (MSC) and Navina Khanna (HEAL Foods).

Leading with Vision and Purpose, Week 2: How do we envision a radically different world with courageous love and responsibility? How can sharpening our purpose and defining our horizon build transformative movements? With Julie Quiroz (MSC), Joanne Smith (Girls for Gender Equity), and Kelly Miller (Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence)

Deep Embodiment Through Practice, Week 3: What is needed of us to create the world we imagine? With Jeremy Lahoud (MSC), Cristy Chung, and Nan Stoops (Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence).

Radical Connection, Week 4: How do we connect and lean into trust, mutuality, and interdependence to build a “Bigger We”? With Nwamaka Agbo (MSC) and Marcia Olivo (Miami Workers Center)

Strategic Navigation, Week 5: During this webinar, the Movement Strategy Center shares their #LeadWithLove pledge — a call to bold action, grounded in fierce love that epitomizes strategic navigation. Learn more and take the pledge yourself at

Transformative Strategy Putting It All Together, Week 6: How do we develop strategy for transformation — strategy that moves from the inside out to generate nonlinear, exponential shifts? With Mimi Ho (MSC), Aimee Thompson, and Annika Gifford.

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