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August 26, 2011

Grace Lee Boggs Fireside Chat

Our Fireside Chats bring MEV cohort members into conversation with other movement leaders and create a space to share stories, experiences, and perspectives. On May 18, 2011, Grace Lee Boggs Skyped with MEV cohort members in our first virtual Fireside Chat. Grace was in her home in Detroit, and the pilot cohort members were at their first convening in upstate New York. We would like to share with you these five short clips from that conversation. In this Fireside Chat, Grace Lee Boggs discusses:

  • Her thoughts on constantly changing, growing up as a woman, objectification, and more.
  • Her most personally transformative experience as a movement activist.
  • The importance of being rooted in community as a place to start making change.
  • What “beloved community” and leadership mean to her.
Art by lizar_tistry