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June 25, 2020

Learning with and from the Plants During COVID-19

In this time of violence against Black bodies amidst a global pandemic, healing justice for Black and Brown communities is essential. As we commemorate Juneteenth and the summer equinox, we are pleased to offer two videos where healers Kifu Faruq and Agua Dulce draw on their ancestral wisdom to show us how to make medicine using whatever plants and flowers we have access to.

Herb Vinegar

Kifu Faruq takes us into their backyard and teaches us how to identify medicine to develop and herbal vinegar. As Kifu shares, this moment that we are in is calling us to remember the importance of being in right relationship with the earth. Through that practice we can also cultivate being in right relationship with one another.

Flower Tea

Agua Dulce invites us to her community garden in El Sereno, Los Angeles to learn from chamomile and calendula flower medicine. Flowers heal us on emotional, spiritual, and etheric levels. Join Agua Dulce in making a simple sun brewed flower water recipe and while doing so dive deeper into a relationship with the Spirit of flowers.

Art by lizar_tistry