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November 14, 2016

Transformative Movement Building Series: Radical Connection, Week 4

This webinar explores how interdependence and interconnectedness -- “radical connection” -- are crucial to movement building. Movements are about people and cultures, about our relationships to each other and to the planet. Seeing movements as ecosystems we can nurture alignment by recognizing and acting on organic connections, building a “bigger we” through the range of human networks that include our families, our communities, and beyond.

Key Ideas

  1. Movements develop new energy and solutions when we acknowledge conflict, tension, and misalignment, allowing our relationships to go from transactional to transformational.
  2. Radical connection requires centering those who are marginalized, left out and left behind. By centering communities that have been left behind, and acknowledging the hurt and pain inflicted on them, we create opportunities for all of us to heal and move more powerfully toward equity.
  3. Transformative relationships help us build and sustain a ‘bigger we’ and keep us rooted in purpose.

This webinar features movement storyteller Marcia Olivo from Miami Workers Center located in South Florida. Marcia shares her experience in transformative movement building through organizing and developing leadership of working class, Black and Latina women and femmes for racial, gender and economic justice.

Practice Guide: Transformative Movement Conversations.


Transformative Movement Conversations: Transformative movement conversations are a practice in openness and discovery. They offer a new way of being with each other. This practice helps us to discover new insights about tensions in our movements. Use this practice within and across teams, organizational and movement partners, networks, collaboratives, or alliances to find the deeper learning embedded in our movement tensions.

Download and View the Slidedeck, here.

Art by lizar_tistry