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March 15, 2012

Why I Do What I Do

Why do you do the work you do?
I have been asked this question before.
I do this work because the last girl is waiting.
And there is no time to waste.

Who is this last girl – do we know her?
She is many girls that people don’t always see.
Not because she’s not there,
But because it’s easier to ignore her.

Where is this last girl?
She is everywhere.
If we look, we will see her.

She is vulnerable, has been abused or at risk of being abused.

She doesn’t have access to the resources that might be helpful.
She may be hidden and mistreated.
Others may be profiting from her
Or society has yet to show that she really matters.

She may be on her own, struggling to survive.
But she’s resilient and beautiful, and deserving of a future.
When we come together and see her, we will also see the last boy, the last woman, the last peoples…
And we can make a difference.

But what happens to every one else, don’t they matter?
Of course, everyone matters.
We have come a long way to ensure changes happened and to support many.
But much has not been achieved and many are still forgotten.

When we successfully embrace and support the last girl
She will feel and see the positive future she deserves.
We will also better be able to support everyone else in between.
By listening to the last girl, we will better understand what it will take.

But this needs all of us working together.
Lifting up the community efforts that have been successful and hold promise.
Connecting and partnering in ways we’ve never done before.
It takes a Movement to make this happen.

And we don’t have a lot of time, the last girl is waiting.

Art by lizar_tistry